Our school secured 9 places in the Provincial English Day competitions- 2015.

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The Provincial English Day competitions-2015. Were held in the 12th & 13th of September in Batticaloa. We participated in 15 events which include 13 individual and two group events. Out of fifteen nine events were selected. Four students are selected for the national level which will be held in Colombo shortly.
1. Miss.Thilojitha Grade 5 Copy writing 1st place
2. Miss.Aarany Hendrick Grade 5 Recitation 3rd place.
3. Miss. P.K.Peumi Grade 10 Recitation 3rd place.
4. Miss.S.Viveksha Grade 06 Dictation 1st place.
5. Mas.M.Prusothman Grade 08 Creative Writing 2nd place.
6. Miss.N.Hannah Genneth Grade 11 Cursive 2nd place
7. Miss.G.Kirushahari Grade 11 Cursive 3rd place.
8. Senior- Poetic Drama 2nd place.
9. Junior – Dialogue Drama 3rd place.
We congratulate all the students and the teachers who brought this fame to our school.