Provincial Level English Day Competitions 2010

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Single Events

M. PurusothmanGrade 03Recitation3rd
V. SadhurshaGrade 04Recitation2nd
G. KrusakariGrade 06Copy Writing1st
G. KrusakariGrade 06Creative Writing2nd
M. NihanthaGrade 10Creative Writing1st

Senior Poetic Drama – 2nd Place

Senior Dialogue Drama – 3rd Place

Junior Dialogue Drama – 3rd Place

  • Kumanann

    hello matanakumat05,
    sorry for not replying in time as i just saw your comment.
    i do not think so, normally teachers select their students for any event either formative or summative and in/out of school , based on students achievements at exams. may be someone gave you some incorrect mssages.